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Reproduction Porcelain Dolls

At the studios we make a wide selection of authentic reproduction dolls for collectors. We make over 150 different dolls which vary in size form a tiny jointed 1" dolls house doll to a 30" French Steiner with a posable composition body.

A lot of our customers like to dress the dolls in period costume which makes our dolls a perfect choice to create a beautifully dressed doll of quality.

We have listed some of the many dolls that we make below.


Dolls and kits

1. Bru Shandele 21"   2. Aimii Steiner 18"   3. Mein Liebling 23"   4. Alice 20"   5.Dream Baby 13"

6. Irene 15"   7. Whistler 14"  8. Charlotte 15"   9. A. Marque 17"   10. Anne AT 12"   11. Rebecca 11"

12. Edward 12"   13. Peggy Googly 12"   14. Paris Bebe 10"   15.Tynie Babe 13"   16. Elsbeth 7"

17. Gloria Baby 14"   18. Sally 9"   19. Baby Bear kit 9"   20. Pauline 11"   21. Buster bear kit 5"

22. Kestner Baby 5"   23. Little Dreamer 7"   24. Baby Ben 9"   25. Elizabeth 5"   26. Christine 7"



Moulds for Dolls and Original Models

In our workshop we make our own range of plaster and some plastic moulds for making dolls of various types and sizes. We also make our own moulds for dolls house dolls and miniatures 1/12th scale. We make and supply head, arm, leg, torso, shoulderplate, body and teeth moulds of reproduction French, German and English dolls.

All the moulds that we make can be used for porcelain casting but most can be cast also with other materials such as wax, composition or pressed with air drying clays for those dollmakers without kilns.

We offer a mould making service to sculptors and doll artists. If you would like a quotation for your project please telephone to discuss.


Doll and miniature moulds




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